Argentinian Tango Show Premiere El Arte del Tango

Thrilling story of Argentina and tango in 24 episodes, starting from the beginning up to nowadays. Premiere will take place in Latvian Society House (Latviesu Biedribas nams) in August 15, 2013 at 19:00. Sixteen professional dancers and musicians from 6 countries will join together on one stage, including dancers and musicians from Latvia. The show El Arte del Tango is organized in the frame of the 6th International Argentinian Tango Festival in Latvia Tango Sun Festival.

Argentinian Tango originated from Argentina and Uruguay at the end of 19th century and started its victory march in Europe in the beginning of 20th century, still nowadays conquering millions of hearts all over the world. People meet in pubs and cafes to dance tango. Many go to tango evenings – Milongas to dance not only tango, but also other dances, that come from Argentinian culture and we will see them in the show: canyengue, candombe, milonga and tango vals. The viewer will be taken through different emotions such as joy and sadness, passion and jealousy and of course, - love.

The idea and choreography of El Arte del Tango comes from two professional Argentinian tango dancers Juan Camerlingo and Diana del Valle.

Diana and Juan were born in Buenos Aires and living since nearly 10 years in Germany.
Diana and Juan dance and work together since 2002. They have participated as teachers and show dancers in numerous Argentinian festivals and shows in Europa and other countries, making happy thousands of viewers by their talant and choreographies. They have danced with great and outstanding orquestras, such as Sexteto Mayor, Quinteto Àngel, Gran Orquesta Tipica Otra, Orquesta Silencio, Color Tango, Quinteto Zarate and many more.
The tango of Juan and Diana is full of temperament, rythm and passion. They can make excellent contact with the viewer, surprising everybody with wonderful ideas, musicality and creativity.

The Assistant of the Choreographers is Ginta Opmane – Argentinian tango dancer and teacher from Latvia. She (together with Aigars Stirna) has opened first Argentinian Tango Studio in Latvia in 2005 and organized first International Tango Festival in Latvia – Tango Sun Festival in 2008. Since 2012 Ginta lives and teaches tango in Germany. She has developed her own teaching method: Yoga-Tango.

Ginta’s cooperation with Juan and Diana started in 2012, when Ginta has staged 2 Argentinian tango choreographies in the Tango concert of Juan.

The dancers of the show:

Diana del Valle and Juan Camerlingo (Argentina and Italy)
Barbara Wainnright and Mario de Camillis (Argentina)
Alejandra Heredia and Mariano Otero (Spain and Argentina)
Maria and Pasi Lauren (Finnland)
Aurelija Daugelaite and Irmantas Bacelis (Lithuania)
Margita Antonova and Zigmunds Aboliņš (Latvia)

Tango quartet from Latvia - Undertango:

Mārtiņš Zilberts (piano)
Gidons Grīnbergs (violin)
Evita Dūra (accordeon)
Viktors Veļičko (contrabass)
Undertango is the most popular tango group of Latvia, actively giving concerts since 2003, cooperating with Latvian Composers and different Music Societies, State President Office, dance studio: Tangostudio, France Culture Centre, Museums of Riga and theatres.
The show El Arte del Tango will surprise not only tango lovers, but also dance and music admirers.

Tickets are available in Bilesu serviss: http://www.bilesuserviss.lv/eng/concerts/gimenei/sovs/?concert=123173

More information: www.tangosunfestival.lv

Diana del Valle un Juan Camerlingo (Argentīna un Itālija)