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Motherland is one for everybody!
The Vilnius Latvian Association was founded on October 13, 1995. The Vilnius Latvian Association members are citizens of the Republic of Latvia and Latvians living in Lithuania, part of which have born in Lithuania, others have arrived for working reasons or having married into Lithuanian families.

The Vilnius Latvian Association gathers Latvians living in Lithuania in common events, promoting Latvian self-confidence, maintaining Latvian traditions and mentality, especially involving children and youth. The Association cooperates with Latvian Societies in Lithuania and in the world.  In the Society are 100 real members.

The Chairman of the Vilnius Latvian Association is Gunta Rone.


The Vilnius Latvians for the first time were called together by Latvian students, who were studying geology in Lithuania. Little by little the group of people interested in cooperation developed, and in October of 1989 student Inesis Ķišķis founded the Vilnius Latvian Club.

When the Baltic States started active fight against USSR occupation regime, the members of the Vilnius Latvian Association with the Latvia’s flag actively participated in the Lithuanian political organisation’s “Sajūdis” organised meetings.

In autumn of 1990 Rūta Ķišķe overtook the guidance of the club, but in autumn of 1995 Gunta Rone started leading of the Vilnius Latvian Club. On October 13, 1995 the Vilnius Latvian Club was reregistered as the Vilnius Latvian Association and its place of dwelling was in Vilnius, Raugiklas Street 25.


The Vilnius Latvian Association members meet once a moth. Bigger events are organised in Latvian national commemoration days or annual celebrations. During the ceremonious events guests from Latvia visit the Association – artists, statesmen and folk amateur groups.

The information about Association events are written down in special diary and since 1989 the Vilnius Latvian Association chronicle is written. In the diary sign all events’ participants. Their wishes in this book have left also Latvian state presidents, who have visited Vilnius Latvians. The Vilnius Latvian Association events are immortalised also in video materials.

In 1999 the Vilnius Latvian Association together with the administration of the Vilnius Adomas Mickevicius Public Library organised Latvian book section, whose collection is regularly increased. Books in Latvian language are available to all interesents – students, Vilnius Latvians and other nations’ representatives, who wish to read literature in Latvian language.

From 1994 to 1998 the ethnographic ensemble worked under the wing of the Vilnius Latvian Association and it was led by Viola Jasmane.

Since 1995 under the wing of the Association Latvian Children Club has been working. Its aim is to promote acquiring of Latvian language. The lessons are supplemented with songs, games and poetry. Children of different age make concert programmes during the lessons and perform in the Association ceremonious events and different Lithuanian schools’ organised events.

In Lithuania the Lithuanian Minority and Migration Department works actively. It has financially supported as much as possible the Association’s work all these years, giving finances to different Latvian Societies’ programmes, thus helping to implement culture, education and different events.

In 2002 the Latvian Societies in Lithuania founded and registered Latvian Coordination Council in Lithuania. The Chairman of the Vilnius Latvian Association Gunta Rone was elected as its leader. The Council actively works to unite in common work Latvians living in Lithuania.

On September 27, 2014 the Vilnius Latvian Association celebrated its 25th anniversary. In the jubilee event Pēteris Kārlis Elferts - Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador for the Diaspora of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia greeted the guests. P. Elferts presented the Ministry’s of Foreign Affairs Paper of Appreciation to Gunta Rone for the significant investment in strengthening the Republic of Latvia. Latvian Ambassador to Lithuania Dr Mārtiņš Virsis presented a Visitors’ Book to the Vilnius Latvian Association and expressed gratitude about the Association’s active work in Latvian gathering and taking care of Latvian traditions. In the jubilee concert participated guests from Latvia – Nīca Culture House Dance Group, Tukums Culture House Folklore Ensemble „Avots” (Spring), Aknīste Music School’s students and soloist Baiba Skurstene. The guests had opportunity to see the Vilnius Latvian Association’s made photo exhibition about its activities in 25 year’s period.


Association’s address
Vilnius Latvian Association, Raugyklos Avenue 25, Vilnius 01138, Lithuania
E – mail:

Chairman of the Vilnius Latvian Association Gunta Rone
Phone: 370 52456518; 370 68489993

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