Toronto Latvian Society

The Toronto Latvian Society was founded in 1948. Its founders were Latvians, who had arrived to Canada already before the World War II. On January 10, 1948 the chairman of the Canada Latvian Club Alfrçds Karslons introduced with the aims of the Toronto Latvian Society: „We, old Latvians, think it to be our duty, as much as we can, to help each arrived Latvian by giving him the material support, help with the search of place of living, etc. These people do not ask gifts, they still have Latvian pride”.

The Society’s work is based on the working principles of the Riga Latvian Society.

The Toronto Latvian Society supports Latvian aspirations in the society, work in Canada Latvian central organisations and supports Canada Latvian youth organisations. In 2015 the Toronto Latvian Society has 82 members. The Toronto Latvian Society Saturday School finished 8 pupils in 2015.

The Board manages the work of the Toronto Latvian Society. The Board Chairwoman of the Toronto Latvian Society is Rasma Pçrkone.


In 1948 more and more Latvians started to arrive to Toronto from Europe, and they actively participated in the Society’s work. Starting with January 2, 1949, the work of the Society Board fully overtook Latvians arrived in Canada. The Society took care of the aid, information, events, gathered money, developed and supported work of branches and planned to purchase its own house. In 1952 the Society bought the building on Osler Street that it managed until 1961. 

Starting with the year 1965, the Toronto Latvian Society has been regularly publishing its circular and in significant Society’s anniversaries has published writings’ collections („Toronto Latvian Society. 25 years”, „Toronto Latvian Society. 30 years”, „Paaudzes paaudzçm” (Generations for Generations), „Gadu gaitâ” (Over the Years), „Gaismai austot” (When the Light Dawns), „Darbs un devums” (Work and Contribution), „Tilti tâlçs” (Bridges on the Horizon)).

Several important spheres have been working over the years: Toronto Latvian Society Ladies’ Committee, Toronto Latvian Society Engineer and Techniques’ Group, Toronto Latvian Society Science Group, Toronto Latvian Society Kokle Players’ Group, dance group „Diþdancis” (Great Dance) and children dance group “Diþdancîtis”, mixed choir „Daina”, Dramatic Ensemble and Drama Group, Bee-keepers Section and Bridge Group.

On September 6, 1950 the Toronto Latvian Society Saturday School started its work and is still working.  



Under the wing of the Toronto Latvian Society Science Group and Saturday School work. The Society’s circular is being published and the organisation organises report afternoons and several events per year. The Society gathers and develops its archive. 




Toronto Latvian Society Board Chairwoman is Rasma Pçrkone

E-mail: prasma@rogers.com

Toronto Latvian Society house on Osler Street (1952 – 1961)

"Diþdancis" in 1965 together with the accordion player Ansis Seminovs