Skuoda Latvian Society „Liesma”

The Skuoda Latvian Society „Liesma” was founded on January 8, 2006.  
The Society manages the Board that consists of 3 people.
The Chairman of the Society is Marta Šikšnīte.

Skuoda District is a part of Klaipeda Region. The initiator of the foundation of the Society was the director of the Latvian Association “Atpūta” in Klaipeda Region Gotfridas Tapinis and Butinge Latvian Society Chairman Juris Putŗus. On Januray 8, 2006 the Society’s foundation meeting took place in Skuoda 2nd Secondary School, where 9 founders participated – Latvians from Skuoda town and district.

The Society’s members meet during State Independence Day commemoration and annual celebrations; cooperate with other Klaipeda Region and Latvian Societies in Lithuania. The Society has implemented the project „Work of Skuoda Latvian community in Skuoda District and preserving of national identity”.


Chairman of the Skuoda Latvian Society "Liesma" Marta Šikšnīte 
Marta Šikšnytė, Vytauto gatvė 13 – 22, Skuodas, LT-98108, Lietuva
Phone: 370 440 79459; 370 614 18465