Piebalga Latvian Society

The Piebalga Latvian Society was founded on October 16, 2010. The aim of the Society is the maintaining and development of the Latvian identity.

The work of the Piebalga Latvian Society leads the Board consisting of 5 people. The chairman of the Piebalga Latvian Society is Jānis Mājenieks.

The Piebalga Latvian Society actively works in the organising of socially political and nationally patriotic events. The Society organises annual „Piebalga Forum”, gathers information about, take care of and landscapes burials of the Latvian national partisans and legionnaires, participates in the nationally patriotic and politically repressed people events and work with the youth. The Society actively participates in the cultural and charity events organised by the local municipality.

Gaujas Street 4, Jaunpiebalga, Jaunpiebalga Municipality, LV-4125
Phone: +371 29169626
E-mail: slegujanis@inbox.lv