Netherlands-Latvian Society "Latvija"

"All we are doing, we are doing for Latvia!” sounds the motto of the Netherlands – Latvian Society „Latvija”.

The Netherlands – Latvian Society „Latvija” is a non-profit public organisation founded and registered on September 29, 2003 in Amsterdam. The Society was founded to unite the Latvians living in the Netherlands.


  The aims of the Society are

  • to preserve the Latvian language and cultural values;
  • to organise national festivals and commemoration days’ events to promote the preserving of Latvian traditions;
  • to strengthen cultural bonds between the Netherlands and Latvia;
  • to develop and sustain the information centre that will be available to all Latvians, who are living, working or studying in the Netherlands;
  • to promote different common Netherlands - Latvian projects, their output and implementation.

The Society has 45 members. The Board that consist of 2 members – the Chairman and Deputy Chairman – secretary lead the Society.

The Chairman of the Netherlands – Latvian Society "Latvija" since its foundation has been Melita Hartgers-Rumberga.

The Netherlands – Latvian Society "Latvija" is a member of the European Latvians’ Union.  

History and activities

The founders of the Society in 2003 were Melita Hartgers – Rumberga, Dace Sietiņa, Anna Zigida Lapovska, Ingrida Požarska and Inese Kārkliņa.

After the foundation the Society was actively working to gather Latvians living in the Netherlands. The huge popularity gained the Society’s organised Latvian film days and sports games that Latvians attended in large number together with their families, friends and relatives. In 2005 the pre-school and elementary Sunday school “Saulīte” (Sun) was established for the Latvian children, who were living in the Netherlands. The school worked several years. In 2005 Evangelically Lutheran Parish resumed its work in Amsterdam. On September 2005 the Society was admitted to the European Latvians’ Union.

For the Netherlands – Latvian Society “Latvija” has always been and will be important to gather Latvians and those, who have interest about Latvia. The Society gives opportunity to meet, speak Latvian language, celebrate important events and annual festivals together, for example, Ligo Festival, the Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, Christmas and many other events and festivals. The Society organises cultural and educational events, cooperates with Latvian organisations in the world and Latvia, the Netherlands state institutions and rural municipalities.


Nīderlandes – Latvijas biedrība “Latvija”/ Nederlands-Letse vereniging “Latvija”
Burgemeester Bickerstraat 34, 1111 CC Diemen, The Netherlands

Melita Hartgers-Rumberga, the Chairman of the Netherlands – Latvian Society “Latvija”
Tel. 20 6990395
Skype: melitarumberga

Katarina Hartgers, secretary and Deputy Chairman
Tel.: 20 6990395

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