Latvian School in Hamilton


The Latvian School in Hamilton was founded in 1948 and it is the oldest Latvian school in Canada.

The Latvian school in Hamilton teaches the elementary school programme (from Kindergarten till grade 8). In September 2011 also the gymnasium renewed the work, which had been stopped for 18 years.

All learning is organised in Latvian language in the school. Since 2009 the Language Class is open, where children with minimal Latvian language knowledge can acquire the Latvian language.  



In November 1948 the Latvian School started its work. School’s manager was Elza Gulbis. In the first school working years the number of pupils was small, because a lot of Latvians, who had arrived to Hamilton were young people and they did not have their own families yet. The number of pupils increased and in 70s that were the “golden years” for the school, the number of pupils achieved 136. The school in its first ten working years rented premises, bet, when Hamilton Christ Evangelical Lutheran Parish got their own church, also the school obtained the premises, where it is still working. 



The Latvian School in Hamilton started its 68th season in autumn 2015. The school admits children, who have Latvian language knowledge and those, who wish to get acquainted with the Latvian language, Latvian traditions and want to spend Saturdays in Latvian environment.

The school’s learning programme consists of Latvian language studies, including colloquial speech, writing and reading. Smaller grades offer native land teaching, higher – Latvian geography and history. Big importance is given to Latvian folklore, traditions and traditional celebrations, including pupils in practical activities. Also Ethics and Bible Lessons take place.

In different events and celebrations the school takes part in Christ Parish services and the Hamilton Latvian Society events. Pupils learn folk dances and singing that gives opportunity to participate in school’s and Latvian organisations’ events, as well as in Song Festivals.

During the school year common events take place – excursion, celebration of Latvian holidays, Christmas event, Friendly Call Day and school’s finishing day. 




18 Victoria Ave S. Hamilton, ON L8N 2S6

Contact person: Baiba Bredovska, school’s manager


Phone: 1 905 522 7190