Latvian School in Brussels

Latvian Weekend School in Brussels has been working since 1997.

At the beginning the school gathered mainly children from Latvian diplomatic service; later also EU institution employees’ and mixed families’ children.

In 2014/ 2015 approx. 100 children are learning in the school. The number of pupils has increased in last years’ period, has grown also the amplitude of children age. Lessons are organized in four age groups. Babies until the age of 3 participate in lessons together with their parents.

The school offers Latvian language, singing and playing and games’ lessons. Novelty is the opportunity to participate also in theatre, handicraft, folklore and art lessons at the end of the school day.

The work of the school financially supports Latvian Embassy in Belgium.



Chaussee de Roodebeek 302, Woluwe - St – Lambert, 1200, Bruxelles