Latvian school in Bergen “Bergausis“

The aim of the Latvian school in Bergen „Bergausis” is to preserve alive skills of Latvian language in Bergen and in the families of Latvians and mixed families living in its surroundings, as well as to introduce with the historic development and course of Latvian culture and art, most important events of the Latvian history, Latvian literary heritage, Latvian grammatical forms and phonetics, Latvian folklore and folk traditions.


The beginnings of the Latvian school in Bergen are founded in the musical circle “Skaņkāris” for the Latvian children living in Bergen that was created in 2010 by Anda Ramsøy. At the beginning “Skaņkāris” was musical activity that took place once a week with songs, games and movements. Slowly music activities were supplemented with art and formation. In autumn of 2013 the activities were supplemented with Latvian language and dance lessons. Parents’ circle started its work. The school has grown up from musical activities to the school with seven teachers, 40 children and parents’ club that works parallel with children activities. On March 31, 2014 the parents’ meeting voted for the new school’s name. The official name of the school since this day is Latvian school in Bergen „Bergausis”.


The Latvian school in Bergen „Bergausis” organises lessons (Latvian language and literature, art and culture, music and Latvian folk dances and games) for pre-school children and children at school age. The activities take place each second Sunday. Also bigger events are organised during the school year and parents’ club works. The task of the school is to unite and involve as many as possible Latvian families with children that live in Bergen and its surroundings in the school’s activities.



Møllebakken skole, Jørgen Moes gate 26, 5053 Bergen

Latvian school in Bergen „Bergausis” leader Inta Siliņa

Phone: 47 465 54 063

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