Latvian Children School "Diegabiksis" in Netherlands

The Latvian Children School "Diegabiksis" in Netherlands started its work on September 2007 and the status of the official school it gained on January 2008. The school works under the wing of the foundation “Latvians in the Netherlands”. School’s lessons have been organised in different places, in this school year the lessons take place in Breda.

The aim of the school is to make the environment, where the Diaspora children can use the Latvian language and to be into contact with Latvian culture and traditions. The task of the school is to develop the Latvian language knowledge of children, enrich their Latvian language vocabulary, introduce children with the Latvian folklore and children literature in Latvian language, as well as to give the basic knowledge of Latvian history and geography.

The school brings the name of the popular character by Žanis Grīva – turtle Diegabiksis, who makes his way to search for the happiness. There are a lot of things that are unknown and strange for him, but he has enough initiative, he is clever enough and curious not to stop in a half way. The same has to be said also about the Latvian Children School “Diegabiksis” in Netherlands pupils and teachers – there are a lot of things that have to be learned, but there is enough of willing and joy to do it.

The activities of the Latvian Children School “Diegabiksis” in Netherlands are meant to all Latvian origin children living in the Netherlands at the age from 2 to 13 years. The lessons are organised in three age groups.

The activities take place once a month on Sunday. The activities consist of the language lesson that is followed by the separate activities for the smallest and biggest children, where the smallest listen to the fairytales, learn poems and songs, but the biggest learn Latvia’s history, geography and literature. Commonly children learn Latvian folk songs and dances and play games. Each time there is also one creative work hour, where children make, paint, glue using natural materials.

The school participates in the State Cultural Capital Foundation Reading promoting programme “Children Jury”.

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“Diegabiksis”, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 16, B6512 AW, Nijmegen
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Aija van Hooff
Tel. (0243) 240 730
Mob. 06 38329874
Helga van Slogteren
Tel. (0104) 830 340
Mob. 06 12720589

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