Latvian Children School in Oslo “Kastaņa School”

“Kastaņa School” (Chestnut School) was founded in autumn of 2003.
The aim of the school is to maintain Latvian identity and sense of belonging to Latvia, teach and improve Latvian language, folk traditions, get Latvian speaking friends, spend free time together and celebrate different national and traditional events.


“Kastaņa School” was founded in autumn of 2003 after the proposal of the Board Chairman of the Latvian Society in Norway Anda Nordmo. The idea of the school at the beginning was to preserve Latvian traditions and language in Norway. At the beginning the school was situated in the Latvian Embassy’s premises. The way to activities led along the beautiful chestnut alley. Children picked the chestnuts and brought them to school. Thus, the school got its name. The first leader of the school Ieva Melbārde is the author of the “Kastaņa School” hymn. Each lesson in the school starts and ends with the school’s hymn or Chestnut’s song. The school has its flag and symbol – a Chestnut that is together with children during lessons and in different celebrations.


“Kastaņa School” gather children of different age and Latvian language level. When the school started its work in 2003, there learned 10 active children and their parents. At present 40 children at age from 1 to 13 years and their parents learn in the school. “Kastaņa School” lessons take place regularly 2-3 times a month on Sundays in the premises of Solbærtorvet Kindergarten (Gardeveien 4, 0363 Oslo).

The school has its guidelines. Two times per school year the newspaper “Chestnut Rolls” is published.

The school has its own traditions that have developed in the course of time: first school day, annual participation and performance in the ceremonious event of November 18, Dwarf Festival, Mother’s Day, end of the school year. Also other State and traditional events are celebrated.

In 2014 the leader of “Kastaņa School” is Lilita Kivleniece.


“Kastaņa School” address

Solbærtorget barnehage, Gardeveien 4/6, 0363 Oslo


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