Latvian Children School in Luxembourg „Strops”

The Latvian Children School in Luxembourg „Strops” was founded in autumn 2008. The school’s lessons take place from October until June once a month on Saturdays.

The aim of the school is to teach Latvian children their native language and Latvian culture, strengthen bonds with Latvia and help to make contacts with their native contemporaries.

The school’s work financially supports Latvian Language Agency from the budget of the Ministry’s of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia programme  “State Language Policy and administration” in cooperation with The European Latvians’ Union.

The school’s lessons help to maintain the Latvianity and strengthen Latvian language knowledge. In the lessons children learn and sing songs, read fairytales, draw, celebrate different events, get to know Latvian literature – what seems interesting and valuable for the group leaders and teachers, whose role have taken over the relatives, their friends and colleagues.

The Latvian Children School’s „Strops” pupils and their relatives have been actively participating for already several years in the reading promoting programme “Children Jury”.

The school has approx. 50 pupils. School’s lessons are organised in 4 age groups.

After common group activities children have opportunity to additionally participate in the folklore ensemble „Mazâs dzçrves” (Little Cranes) and in Strops’ Theatre, where participate children from the age of 6 years. In the Strop’s theatre pupils discuss and play games connected with Latvia’s symbols, culture, history and geography, they learn speech practice and exercises, as well as work at the common performance that later is shown in school’s events.



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