Latvian Association in Belgium

Latvian Association in Belgium (LBB) or Association Lettonne en Belgique is an officially registered organisation in Belgium. The Association was founded in 2004, when Latvian national Committee in Belgium was transformed.

The aim of the Latvian Association in Belgium is to promote communication between Latvians living in Belgium, maintain and continue cultivation of Latvian culture traditions, as well as popularise these traditions between Belgians and other nationalities.

The Latvian Association in Belgium is a member of European Latvian Union.

The Association is managed by the Board that is elected to 3 years and that consists of 8 members, who are elected by the general meeting of members.

The Chairman of the Latvian Association in Belgium is Laura Gailīte.


The Latvian Association in Belgium was founded in 2004, when Latvian national Committee in Belgium was transformed, and its statutes were published in the newspaper "Le Moniteur belge" on August 9, 2004. The Society was admitted into the European Latvian Union (at that time – Western-European Latvian Union) on April 13, 2006. 

After the World War II, when fugitives from Latvia arrived to Belgium, active formation of public organisations started. In Belgium in 1949 the Latvian Society, 2 Miner Societies (one in Wallonia and second in Flandreau), Latvian Red Cross, Evangelically Lutheran and Roman Catholic parishes and Latvian Organisations’ Union in Belgium existed that was transformed to the Belgium Latvians’ National Committee (BLNK) in 1950.
Until 1970 the BLNK elected 15 members to 3 years, who arranged all Latvian affairs. It published the informative bulletin "BLNK Reports". All Belgium Latvians could participate in the BLNK elections. It contacted with the Latvian Restoring Committee Centre and Suppressed European Nations’ Assembly, European Movement, International Refugees’ Committee and High Commissioner for Refugees. Until 1959 the Chairman of the BLNK was sworn advocate Kārlis Gulbis and after him until 1962 - Elmārs Ozols. From 1962 to 2005 the Chairman of the BLNK was a Dr. Jānis Jerumanis. 

From 1970 to 2004 the BLNK elected 5 members to 5 years. All Latvians living in Belgium had rights to participate in elections.
In 1990s in Belgium lived approx. 250 Latvians. The social life expressed mainly in November 18 celebrations and Daugavas Hawks’ organised service in Lommel cemetery, where Latvian legionnaires were buried. This tradition continues also nowadays.

In 2004 Belgium Latvians’ national Committee was transformed to the Association.


The Latvian Association in Belgium is a support centre for the Latvians living in Belgium. To achieve the aim the Association closely cooperates with Latvian diplomatic agencies, State institutions and world Latvian organisations.
After Latvia’s entering the European Union more and more people arrive to Brussels to work for longer or shorter period in the EU in different other institutions – European Commission, Council, Parliament, Regions’ Committee and Economics and Social Affairs Committee. Part of these Latvians actively participate in the Association’s work.
The Association participate in the Brussels Latvians’ activities, organise events and annual soldiers’ memory events in Lommel.  
The Latvian Association in Belgium publishes “Belgium Latvians’ News” that is the Latvian Association’s in Belgium made material about Latvians’ social life topicalities in Belgium and its closer neighbourhood.
The newspaper “Belgium Latvians’ News” is published at least twice a year – shortly before Easter and Latvian State Independence celebrations. In the printed format the material is sent by post to the Latvian Association members, but for other interesents it is available in electronic format.
The Association cooperates with the Latvian School in Brussels, Brussels’ Latvian Choir and Brussels’ Latvian Theatre.
The Association has made and support Home page www.latvieshi.be.


Association’s address

Official address: Association Lettonne en Belgique, Rue du Commerce 122, B 1000, Bruxelles
Mailing address:  Av. des Arts 23, B1000, Bruxelles

E-mail:  lbb@latviesi.be

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