Latvian - Danish Society

Latvian – Danish Society (LDB) - Lettisk-dansk foreign – founded on May 15, 2005 in Vejle to ensure the next Latvian generation link with Latvian and Danish culture, as well as to strengthen and develop communication and cooperation between Danish and Latvian nations and citizens of these countries.

Approximately 100 members are in the Society. The active members of the Society can be adults, youth and children, if they are interested in the Society’s aims.

The higher decision making body of the Society is its members’ General Meeting that take place twice a year on April or May. The Society leads the Board that consists of five persons. The General Meeting elects the Board members to two years. In the years that end with an even number, three members are elected and in the years that end with an odd number – two members.
The Board consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, cashier and secretary.  

The Chairman of the Latvian –Danish Society is Natālija Petrova.

The Latvian –Danish Society has its Eastern Department that is managed by Kristīne Skarbinika – Pedersen.

  History and activities 

Latvians with children, who entered Denmark and Latvians, who lived in Jutland – peninsula that make the biggest part of the Denmark’s territory, started their organised meetings in 1998 to commonly support the Latvianity and each other in the foreign country. Since in 2005 was established the Society, it has regularly organised different events for their members and other interesents. Children mornings are organised, traditional Latvian festival celebrations, cultural events, and music and dance lessons. Excursions and summer camps are organised.  

On May 2006 the LDB Home page was made that gives opportunity to contact for all those, who wish to exchange the news about Latvian events in Denmark, new ideas and creative activities, as well as support each other for the life outside Latvia. The Home page displays all the events that would be interesting for the adults and children to commonly cultivate Latvian language and traditions.

On February 2008 the LDB Eastern Department was established in Copenhagen. Its leader is Kristīne Skarbinika - Pedersen.

On April 21, 2010 in Jutland the Latvian –Danish Society’s choir Ŗietumvējš" (West-Wind) was founded.

On November 2010 in cooperation with the LDB Eastern Department the Copenhagen Latvian Choir was founded.

With the support of the Latvian –Danish Society the Copenhagen Latvian folk dance group “Solis” (Step) is existing.


E-mail: info@lettiskdanskforening.dk

DLB Eastern Department:
E-mail: kristine@skarbinika.dk

Copenhagen Latvian Choir: sabine.soida@gmail.com

Home pages:  www.lettiskdanskforening.dk

Copenhagen Latvian folk dance group “Solis"