Kaunas Latvian Club “Daugava”

The aim of the Kaunas Latvian Club “Daugava” is to preserve Latvian language, Latvianity and Latvian traditions, make closer culture bonds with Latvia and popularise Latvia and its culture in Lithuania.

The Club leads its Chairman and the Vice-chairman. The Chairman of the Club is Anita Dabužinskiene.


Before the World War II, from 1923 Lithuanian – Latvian Brotherhood was actively working. Its founders were professor Eduards Volters and a writer, social worker, literature reviewer and historian, lecturer and minister Juozas Tumas - Vaižgantas. The task of the brotherhood was to promote unity between Lithuanian and Latvian nations. War and Soviet times interrupted the work of the organisation.

Lithuanian – Latvian Brotherhood was restored on October 5, 1988 due to the Chairman of Vytautas Magnus University Centre of Letonics, Bearer of the Order of Three Stars professor Alvīds Butkus. His encouraged, 27 Latvians from Kaunas came together for the first time on Easter time in V.Kudirkas – former centre of Kaunas – library.

On March 23, 1989 Kaunas Latvian Club “Daugava” was founded. Its founders and first club’s members were Valentīna Kvaracijiene, Valija Teleševičiene, Zinaida Veikele, Jānis Platačs, Ženija Kodzevičiene, Lolita Skudra, Laimonis Liepiņš, Ausma Mikutiene, Robertas Antinis, Anna Baka and Jevgenija Jonikiene. Anita Dabužinskiene was elected to be the club’s Chairman, Vice-chairman - Velta Karnilaviečiene, Laima Rajeckiene promised to write the chronicle of the Club.


As the number of the Club members is rather small, the Club is always open and in its work participate also Lithuanians, who have interest about Latvia. The Club organises separate events and events together with the Lithuanian – Latvian Brotherhood. The Club have visited culture and art workers from Latvia; positive cooperation has always been with the Embassy of Latvia in Lithuania, as well as with other Latvian organisations in Lithuania. Latvian Club „Daugava” actively participates in the social life of Kaunas – in exhibition openings, Lithuanian minority meetings, Lithuanian and Latvian forums, celebrations of Latvian Independence Day. Services in Latvian language take place in Kaunas Evangelical Lutheran Church. There participate also Latvians from Kaunas neighbourhood. Common excursions are organised. Each year on September 22 the Balts’ Unity Day is celebrated. Since Kaunas is students’ town, the Latvian students, who are studying in Kaunas’ universities, especially from Vytautas Magnus University Centre of Letonics. In the Club’s activities participate also students from Kaunas Technical University. The Club’s representatives have taught Latvian language for interesents, participated in TV and radio broadcasts, introducing Latvian life and culture. Huge support for its work the Club has received from Vytautas Magnus University Centre of Letonics and V.Kudirka Library.


Chairman of Kaunas Latvian Club "Daugava" Anita Dabužinskiene
Phone: 370 610 23690; 370 37 748393
E-mail: anita003874@hotmail.com
Laima Rajeckiene
Phone: 370 68247298; 370 37 717974