Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton

Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton is the oldest active Latvian Society in Canada, founded on March 4, 1947, registered on March 8, 1947.

Nowadays Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton unites Latvians of several generations living in Alberta Province, people with Latvian roots and all, who have interest about Latvia and Latvian heritage. To many the Latvian language is not a conversational speech, that is why the official language of the Society is English to better involve people and inform the members, interesents and supporters.

The Chairwoman of the Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton is Ena Rudovica.


The founder of the Imanta Latvian Society of Demotion is Konrāds Dobelis. Since the foundation of the Society in 1947 its Chairmen have been Viola and Ted Bekers, Jānis Muzis, Zigurds T. Skribis, Juris Cināts, Stanis Rudovics, Jānis Birzgalis, Aleksandrs Štāls.

After the foundation of the Society for many years developed and worked the interest groups – Folk Dance Group, Philately Group, Military School Officers’ Group, Scouts and „Guntiņas”, ensemble „Daina”, Theatre Group and Balts Union. "Imanta" organised mask balls, Kalpaks’ Day, 14th June remembrance days in a church, Ligo Festival, Martinmas and 18th November celebration. The organisation collected money for “Red Cross” and aid to war invalids. The Society supported “One Working Hour Foundation”, later supported cultural foundations and Latvian schools. Baltian choir also existed in Edmonton, two men volleyball teams were established that won the town’s champion title several years. In women’s volleyball team together with Latvians played also Estonians.

At the end of the 80s of the 20th century until the beginning of the 21st century the organisation “Give Hand to Latvia” was established and worked under the leadership of the Society’s chairman Zigurds T.Skribis with the support of the Society, responding to the call of the former Canada’s prime minister Jo Clarke and the law established in the parliament. 

Special is the project “Old Imanta Hill” in Apneri. The Riga section of the National Daugava Hawks received “Apneri” in its possession. The national Daugava Hawks had an idea to use this property as a place for recreation and children camps. 8 ha from the former "Apneri" property belonged to another owner. Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton bought this land and gave it to the National Daugava Hawks.

To get financing, "Imanta" started to organize Bingo and casino plays. Income from the games were strictly controlled and used for aid work. As a result 29 aid and support parcel cargos were sent to Latvia. Medicine, equipment for hospitals and care centres were sent. This activity was successful due to initiative of Zigurds T. Skribis with the help of politicians and representatives of casino, hospital and Red Cross boards’ members for the obtaining of medicine, hospital equipment and books. Also Latvian large families, schools, social centres and children’s homes were provided with all necessary things. The Society responded to requests and gathered donations also for the life saving of particular people. Books for libraries were gathered and sent and sports teams were supported.  

The Society received guests from Latvia – social and political workers, supporting the contacts with Canada state and municipality institutions, helped change students from Latvia, gave support in arranging inheritance questions, election organising, preparing of documents and translation. World Championship in Figure Skating, fire-fighter competition and other sports participants were received from Latvia. Artists from Latvia visited the Society with performances and concerts.

The Society continues its work with the change of generations, at this moment more attention devoting to maintaining of ties between Latvians living in Albert Province and organising of common events.                         



Chairwoman of the Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton is Ena Rudovica


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