Brisbane Latvian Association

Let us hold together tightly!

The Brisbane Latvian Association was founded in 1950.



Queensland Latvians started to gather together in 1949 in church services. The first church service for Latvians was held on November 24, 1949 in German language by Minister Ramer. 54 Latvians attended the church service.  

On January 14, 1950 mixed choir was founded under the leadership of E.Kalums. In 1950 E.Kalums founded Brisbane Latvians’ choir and men double quartet.
On January 28 and March 18, 1950 Latvian meetings were organised, where the participants decided to call the Brisbane Latvian Association’s foundation meeting. It took place on April 1, 1950. In the meeting 56 Latvians participated. The foundation meeting took place in the Australian Lutherans’ Bethlehem parish meeting premises Brisbane „Fortitude Valley”.

First Brisbane Latvian Association’s Board chairman was Edgars Kalums (1950.-1951.), Board members – B.Klaikalietis, V.Grīnbergs, V.Buks and O.Rubis. The following Board chairmen were: Ādolfs Garancis (1951-1952), Jēkabs Kariks (1952-1953), Jānis Kūkums (1953-1989), Arnis Siksna (1989 – 1996), Sandra Kļaviņa (1996-1997), Irēne Kūkuma and Ādolfs Lācis.

The association established mixed choir „Beverīna”, library, arranged Latvians’ House. In 1950 the BLA theatre group started its work. In 1954 the theatre group was taken over by Daugavas Vanagi (Daugava Hawks). In October of 1951 the BLA founded the folk dance group “Senatne” (Olden Times) with 14 participants. Its leader was Gaida Stendere and pianist Maksimilians Sprīvulis. The number of dancers rapidly grew. “Senatne” participated in many events in Brisbane and whole Australia. With reducing of the number of participants “Senatne” ended its existence in 2000. In 1954 the BLA founded Youth Group. For many years the Youth Group organised readings about Latvian language, history, literature and music. The Youth Group does not exist anymore. Also Literates Group works in the BLA.
Under the wing of the association were organised eight Australian Latvians’ Culture Days.


Under the wing of the association the BLA mixed choir “Beverīna” started its work on August 27, 1953 and still continues its activities.
Large library has been developed in the Brisbane Latvian Association. The first manager of the library was Visvaldis Buks. A lot of work in the developing of the library has done Jānis Zosars, Arvīds Biela and Valdis Gertners. In the library are now available also books in English language – translations of Latvian literates’ works.
The BLA continues to organise meetings with Latvians, literary works’ and video film performances. The BLA supports with donations students in Latvia and the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia.
The Brisbane Latvian Association works in the Brisbane Latvian House. It is possible also to rent the premises in the house for other needs.


Society’s address

Latvian House
Brisbane Latvian Association, 24 Church Avenue, Woolloongabba, Queensland, 4102

E-mail: brisbanelatvianhall@gmail.com
Tel. 61 07 391 4354

Brisbane Latvian Association’s Board Chairman Ādolfs Lācis
Brisbane Latvian Association, 19 Belleview Parade, Paddington, QLD 4064, Australia
E-mail: a.lacis@bigpond.com
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