Association "Luxembourg–Latvia"

As an officially registered organisation the Association “Luxembourg-Latvia” its work started in 2008, although the Latvians living in Luxembourg started cooperation already earlier.

The tasks of the Association are to unite Latvians living in Luxembourg and its neighbourhood and popularise Latvian culture in Luxembourg.

Interesents can participate in the work of the Association as members and as Honorary Members. The members of the Association can be Latvians living in Luxembourg, Latvia or any other country and their friends, who are not Latvians, independently from their place of residence. Association’s members pay annual membership fee, they have rights to participate in the Association’s general meetings, implementing their voting rights, and to be voted into the Board, as well as to receive different priorities connected with the Association’s organised events and to implement their ideas. In their turn the Honorary Members of the Association co-work without the voting rights and can chose the amount of the membership fee.

The Association “Luxembourg-Latvia” is led by the Board that is elected by the Association’s members for two years. In the Board elected on April 2014 are nine members, each of them is responsible for one sphere. The Board Chairman of the association “Luxembourg –Latvia” is Gints Stađâns.

The Association “Luxembourg-Latvia” organises different cultural and informative events, exhibitions, celebrations of traditional and State holidays.

The Association cooperates with other organisations, as well as with Latvian Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In spring 2007 Luxembourg Latvian folklore group “Dzçrves” (Cranes) was established. At the beginning in the group participated children and adults. At the moment the children group „Mazâs dzçrves” (Little Cranes) exists already separately. The name of the group is symbolic – cranes are migratory birds that fly to warmer countries, but always return to Latvia.

Since the spring of 2008 the Latvian Children School “Strops” works under the wings of the Association.
In 2012 the Luxembourg Latvian mixed choir “Meluzîna was founded. The choir leads the conductor Jűlija Norvele. The choir has approximately 30 singers.  
In 2012 was established the united Home Page

A.s.b.l. "Luxembourg - Lettonie", 42A, route de Luxembourg, 8140 Bridel

Home Pages

Luxembourg Latvians folkore group „Dzçrves”

Latvian Children School "Strops".