Aizkraukle Latvian Society

The Aizkraukle Latvian Society was founded on September 27, 1996 with the participation of 23 founders.  
The aim of the Aizkraukle Latvian Society is to maintain and take care of Latvian nation’s culture, language, traditions, national identity and Latvian way of living, promote the d development of education, art and literature.

The Aizkraukle Latvian Society is a member of the Union of Latvian Societies. The Aizkraukle Latvian Society is an organisation of public benefit.

The Board consisting of 3 people leads the Aizkraukle Latvian Society. The Board Chairman of the Aizkraukle Latvian Society since 2005 is Juris Vanags.

Under the wing of the Aizkraukle Latvian Society works men choir „Staburags” – ensemble rich with traditions, founded in 1967. The choir has participated in all Song Festivals since its foundation and continues nowadays the rich singing traditions of the historic county that started in 1864, when the teacher Jānis Bankins established Aizkraukle Men Choir. In 1870 the Aizkraukle Singers’ Society was founded, whose mixed choir participated in the first Latvian Song Festival in 1973. This Society existed until the end of 1940, when the Soviet Power closed it as the other public organisations.

In 2007 the book “There will always be song” was published celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Aizkraukle men choir “Staburags”.

The Aizkraukle Latvian Society closely cooperates with Aizkraukle Museum of History and Art „Kalna Ziedi”, using its premises for the Society’s work and organising common events.  


„Kalna Ziedi”, Muzeja Street, Aizkraukle, LV 5101

Juris Vanags, Aizkraukle Latvian Society Board Chairman
Phone: 29780288,

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