Adelaide Latviansí School

The aim of Adelaide Latviansí School is to teach Latvian language, culture, history and traditions, so that children could maintain and preserve Latvian identity by giving them possibility to become active and loyal Latviaís citizens.

Children and youth learn in the primary school from preparatory form to form 7. The aim of the primary school is to teach Latvian language as much as possible and to introduce pupils with Latvian culture, history and geography.

Lessons are organised also for secondary school and adult groups. Also gamesí group and kindergarten work.

The Association of Latvian Organisations in South Australia has established and supervises Latviansí school.

The school is working under the wing of Ethnic Schoolsí Board of South Australia that is stateís institution and it partially supports the school.

The school is also a part of Ethnic Schoolsí Association that is a voluntary organisation that unites ethnic schools of South Australia and gives them methodical grant.


Schoolís address

4 Clark Street, Wayville, SA 5034, Australia

Tel.: 0402 054 854; 08 8332 6152; 0405 771 459

Secondary school and adult courses - Ilga Vasele

Primary school - Iveta Leitase

Kindergarten and gamesí group - M‚rÓte Rumpe

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