Adelaide Latvian Society

Latvian for a Latvian and Latvia!

The Adelaide Latvian Society was founded in 1949.
In 2014 the Society had 169 members. The work of the Society leads a Board of 8 people.

The chairman of the Adelaide Latvian Society is Astra Kronīte.


The first meeting of Latvians in Adelaide was on November’s 18 ceremonious event in 1948 that was organised by Olģerts Strauts with his aids. The event was widely attended and it gave opportunity for Latvians, who had arrived to Australia and had settled in Adelaide and its surroundings, to meet and share their impressions and experience. More and more Latvians arrived to Adelaide and an idea appeared to establish Latvians’ Society. Aleksandrs Štolcs and Olģerts Strauts developed Society’s statutes and its first meeting took place on January 15, 1949. 44 participants took place in the meeting and tentative statutes were accepted. Žanis Mikšēns was elected as the first chairman of the Adelaide Latvian Society. J. Plūme became the vice-chairman, secretary - A. Štolcs, board members - V. Māliņš, M. Bērziņš and L. Mangalis. On February 1949, the number of members of the ALS exceeded already 100 persons. Difficulties were to find premises for the meetings, so they were organised in private homes, restaurants and other available places.

The Society started to organise regular meetings and events. Eduards Voitkuns was a very active member of the Society, who took care about the developing of the library. Sports interest group, folk dance ensemble “Jandāliņš”, men choir, mixed choir and theatre group were founded. The Society regularly published monthly circular – at the beginning only for the Society members, but later for all Latvians in Adelaide. In the course of time the Society’s work extended, especially in culture sphere.  

Taking into account the suggestion of E. Voitkuns, the Society established special commission for the purchasing of real estate and, already in 1954 Adelaide Latvians got its own building. The name of the building is „Tālava” and the house use all Latvian organisations in Adelaide. In 1968 the Society bought its own building (34-36 Rose Terrace, Wayville) on money left by testament that is used for their meetings and office needs. In the house are comfortable meeting hall, book store and “Laima” group’s office. Huge part of the house takes Latvians’ museum.


The library and book store works under the wing of the Society. The culture life enrich mixed choir „Dziesmu laiva” (Song Boat) and Adelaide Latvians’ Theatre ensemble. Latvians’ Museum is a part of the Society and it takes more than half of the ALS premises. The museum actively participates in events that popularise Latvian history and culture in city’s and all country’s events. Ladies’ Committee gives huge contribution to the Society’s work. The Committee was founded in 1957. The ladies’ Committee suggested establishing of seniors’ group „Rosme” and group “Laima” that with the help of Australian parliament takes care of older peoples’ welfare.  
Each year the Adelaide Latvian Society organises remembrance events on 18th November and each year’s celebratory concert. Literary evenings are organised regularly, where during 65 years more than 300 lectures have taken place.  
In last year’s period huge work has been done to landscape the Society’s house.
The Adelaide Latvian Society is a member of Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia.
The Adelaide Latvian Society is one of the publishers of „Adelaides Latviešu ziņotājs” (Adelaide Latvians’ Reporter) that is published 10 times a year.
The Adelaide Latvian Society published historical book about Latvians and Latvian society’s work in South Australia in 2010 “Latvians in South Australia”.
Thanks to Benita Vembris’ left inheritance, the Adelaide Latvian Society each year gives grants to new musicians in Australia and Latvia. The Adelaide Latvian Society cooperates with Vītols’ foundation and with its donations supports important national culture events and establishments in Latvia.
On May 2014 the Adelaide Latvian Society celebrated its 65th anniversary.


Society’s address

Adelaide Latvian Society, 34-36 Rose Terrace, Wayville 5034, South Australia

Chairman of the Adelaide Latvian Society Astra Kronīte
E-mail: astrakonitis@gmail.com
T.:  61-8-8379 7589
Fax:  61-8-8379 1464a.

Bruno Krūmiņš
E-mail: krumins.bruno@internode.on.net
T.:  61-8-8379 7589   
Fax:  61-8-8379 1464

Board member of the Adelaide Latvian Society Velta Voitkuna
E-mail: veltav@ozemail.com.au
T.: 61-8-8431 5059
Fax:  61-8-8431 0051
Internet addresses:
Latvians’ museum:  http://latvianmuseum-sa.atspace.com/