On March 2011 Riga Latvian Society started to implement the project “Output and implementation of programmes for intercultural dialogue and communication skills’ development for persons who provide services to third countries’ citizens”. 27.01.2012

The Project in Latvia was managed by the Ministry of culture in the framework of the European Third countries nationals’ integration fund’s programme of the year 2009. Riga Latvian Society for the first time implemented the project financed by the European Union, receiving a substantial funding - 34775, 70 lats.

At the beginning of the year 2012 Riga Latvian Society started to implement the project “Capacity of the Riga Latvian Society and strengthening of participation resources” approved in the second open project applications’ selection in the action programme’s “Human resources and employment” sub-activity “Strengthening of non-governmental organizations’ administrative capacity” that is financed with the support of European Social Fund.

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