The summary of the project’s “Stand hard, work bravely!” results

The summary of the project’s “Stand hard, work bravely!”
No 2012.EEZ / DAP / MAC / 068/1 / NAC / 054

      The Riga Latvian Society implemented the project “Stand Hard, Work Bravely!” (No 2012.EEZ / DAP / MAC / 068/1 / NAC / 054) from July 16, 2013 until December 31, 2015.
      Main goals of the project were to provide a stable and sustainable development of the RLS and the civil society, social justice, democracy, as well as to promote integration processes in the society. The project contributed to the promotion of social sustainability and its’ realized activities contributed to the development of democracy and equality. In all activities were involved different generation groups - children, young people, workers, pre-retirement and retirement age people.

      The aim of the project is achieved and the implemented project’s tasks show it:
1. Broadened international cooperation – the RLS chairman attended congresses organised by EU cooperation network “Europa Nostra”. The informatuion about the work of the RLS was prepared and sent to the organisation’s "Interpret Europe” home page. 

2. Developed informative platform and database about global Latvian non-governmental organizations and schools, which provide information exchange between NGOs in the long term and promote cooperation at the international level, as well as facilitates the repatriation processes.

3. The work of the “Cooperation Platform in Developing Intercultural Dialogue in Latvia” has been widened and strengthened that, according to the activities’  plan, participated in Latvian Association of Event Centres (LPCA) organized events - seminars. It promotes the cultural and integration spheres’ organisation cooperation in Latvia’s level. 

4. In cooperation with the Latvian non-governmental organizations outside Latvia, regular flow of information in society was ensured. The cooperation with the global Latvian organisations and mass media promoted the public awareness and involvement in the RLS work, strengthening the civil society, as well as implementing the democratic and participatory democracy.

5. The RLS participated in developing processes of Latvia’s cultural policy, integration and human rights, participated in the Cabinet of Ministers and the NGO Advisory Council Memorandum of Cooperation, Integration Foundation Board and in their organised events, if the issues to be considered met with the RLS areas of activities, as a result were prepared and submitted proposals and given consultations. 

6. Ensured stable and long-term work of the RLS, as well as good governance, openness and transparency. Regular activities, the attracted funding and donations increased the materially technical supply of the organisation.

7. During the project activities the RLS work was carried out in accordance with its strategy, promoting sustainable development of the organization under a united vision of the Society’s management, members and employees. 

8.Encouraging economic and social integration processes, offered qualitative cultural, education and integration services that popularised the elimination of any form of discrimination and gender equality basic principles for the environment and sustainable development.

9. Promoted strengthening of philanthropic ideas in the society, including the promotion of voluntary work involving volunteers.

10. Completed the research “The Riga Latvian Society – the Cradle of the Latvian State and National Identity. From Inception to Our Days” that has been published in printed way, providing common understanding of the Latvian cultural and historical aspects, development of civil society from Latvian State’s origins to present days. 

11. In implementing the cultural events, provided the promotion of the programme’s supported spheres. 

12. Ensured wide public awareness and understanding of the public consultations, implemented programme areas and activities, doing information and publicity measures - regular addition with the newest information of the special RLS home page section, information was placed on social networks, e-mails were sent, press releases sent to mass media. 

      The programme co-financing of EUR 59 955,33 was used in the project activities.  


    www.sif.lv   www.eeagrants.lv  eeagrants.org

 Project is financially supported by Iceland, Liec in and Norway.

The programme is financed by the European Economic Area’s Financial Mechanism

and State of Latvia