The public discussion – conversation “Culture Variety” will take place at the Riga Latvian Society

On Saturday, January 24, 2015 in the Riga Latvian Society Fireplace Hall (Meríeďa Street 13) the public discussion – conversation “Culture Variety” will take place. During the discussion the interesents will have an opportunity to find out about cooperation of different nations’ and religions representatives in the course of history and reveal one very special common page of Latvia’s and Russia’s history and culture heritage. The main theme during the meeting will be devoted to the legendary Pskov mission of the Orthodox priests, who worked in the German occupied territory during the Great Patriotic War.

The aim of the Pskov Orthodox Mission was to restore the religious life in the occupied territories. It was from Latvia 15 orthodox priests went to Pskov Region having received the blessing from the Baltic priest Sergij. The Pskov Orthodox Mission finished 60 years ago. Many were repressed and sentenced to 25 years in prison, others left their fatherland for ever and died abroad and only some of them lived until our times.

Many Latvian priests participated in the Orthodox Mission. One of them was the priest Georgij Tailov (born in Riga, 26.11.1914). He passed away on May 8, 2014. Until his last days Georgij – even at the age of 99 – continued his work in the Ogre Orthodox Church. He was the oldest priest in Latvia and the last from Pskov Mission participants. The Father Georgij was one of Ogre Honorary Citizens, loved and respected in the society, who spent 77 years serving for the church.

The discussion will lead the journalist, editor of the newspaper „Nedçďa Ogrç” (Week in Ogre) Natâlija Ketnere. N.Ketnere has gone into the research of Ogre Municipality culture heritage, revealing many pages of the famous citizens of Ogre Region.

During the discussion the interesents will be introduced with the life story and life work of the outstanding personality and the fragments from the documental film about Pskov spiritual mission will be shown, revealing the importance of this event.

All interesents are welcome!

The public discussion – conversation “Culture Variety” is the activity of the Riga Latvian Society project “Unity is Our Strength” (Grant’s contract N0. 2013.EEZ/PP/2/MIC/010/028) activity. The aim of the public discussions is to promote developing of intercultural dialogue and minority integration, strengthen understanding of human rights, national identity and democratic values.

More information:
Stella Lîpîte, discussion moderator
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E-mail: stella.lipite@rlb.lv


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