Sprīdītis’ School" invites to egg painting workshop on Easter

"Sprīdītis’ School" invites to egg painting workshop on Easter

On the first and second Easter Day, on Saturday – April 20 and Monday – April 21 “Sprīdītis’ School” will participate in egg painting creative workshops, taking part in every year’s Easter celebration for families with children that will take part in the Ethnographing Open-Air Museum of Latvia. 

In the “Sprīdītis’ School” the participants will be able to work practically themselves and to find out Easter egg painting traditions more closely, because the workshop will be lead by an ethnographer Indra Čekstere, the interesents will be able to make eggs of various colors and the tone nuances of the nature materials with the artist Daiga Kļaviņa and „Sprīdītis’ School” leader Margita Poriete. The egg boiling by a fire will be nimble and joyous together with the dancer Ainārs Ozoliņš and choreographer Ernests Spīčs. Eggs will be fastened to trees, so that every participant can find his or her own egg in the huge crowd and can reveal exactly this one egg’s beauty, unbinding the egg from the painting materials. Hopefully, everybody will be happy about the beautiful egg ornaments and color tones given by nature and our creativity.


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