In the framework of the project „Stand Hard, Work Bravely”

Sprīdītis’ Autumn Cleanup

October 24, from 10.00 till 17.00
Place – Sigulda Municipality More Rural Municipality’s „Kalna Vizuļi”

Participate ~ 50 children, Riga Latvian Society’s „Sprīdītis School” most active participants – Rīnūži secondary school and children from Sigulda Municipality and More Rural Municipality.

Rīnūži secondary school’s pupils have been visiting „Sprīdītis’ School” for already 10 years under the leadership of their teacher Svetlana Kozlovska. They have participated in all „Sprīdītis’ School” activities, as well as in several integration projects.

„Kalna Vaizuļi” is traditional Vidzeme’s rural house with log building living house, threshing barn, shed and cellar. „Kalna Vaizuļi” has maintained traditional household objects and tools from the beginning of the 20th century. The research and documentary film have been made about the history, legends and stories of the house in the frame of pupils’ scientifically research work, documenting approximately 60 stories about toponyms and place-names. „Kalna Vaizuļi” is situated in the beautiful place in Gauja national park, landscape reserve. In the neighbourhood of the house grow huge lindens, chestnuts, oak-trees and maples, which have been planted by the outstanding teacher and social worker A.Dauge.

Here „Sprīdītis’ School’s” participants will have good opportunity to work practically, find out nature, learn how to tidy up environment, take care of nature and acquire folklore in the most appropriate way – in nature and in rural environment. Autumn had always traditionally been the cleanup time, when people worked rural works and celebrated the accomplished. During the event children will participate in the cleanup and will acquire the historic subject of the cleanup – will learn to feel the nature in practical activities – will tidy the environment and rural house, learn the nature, collect nature materials for practical activities, participate in the green workshop, make the rhythm instruments and participate in art, music and playing activities. Part of the gathered – acorns and chestnuts children will give to the zoological garden for animals’ feeding, thus learning how to take care for animals.

Planned activates:

  1. „Better I have many friends” – introducing More rural municipality 4th grade pupils
  2. Practical cleanup:
    Foliage grasping, gathering of switches at the courtyard, gathering of acorns and chestnuts
  3. Gnostic cleanup: 
    Inquiring of the living house
    Bread and bread stoves in Vidzeme 
    Vegetables and bats in rural house cellar
    Hay barn and hay dolls’ performance
    Suda marsh and planted trees in the rural courtyard
  4. Music and dance cleanup together with folklore group „Senlejiņa” participants

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