Riga Latvian Society’s „Sprīdītis School’s” event „Sprīdītis in Science Street”

On May 29, 2014 the event „Sprīdītis in Science Street” took place in Sigulda. There participated pupils from Riga Avotu elementary school, who had successfully obtained folklore and knowledge connected with it in the Riga Latvian Society’s “Sprīdītis School” during all school year.

In the event everybody could express the most characteristic feature of Sprīdītis - thirst for knowledge. Curious are not only fairytale characters, but also adults, who work in different science spheres. The event took place in the city, which has its own Science Street – Sigulda. Latvia does not have many streets that have name - Science. Sigulda has special story about it and Sigulda’s 1st elementary school’s librarian Ligita Valaine has a special story about it. She presented this street’s history for pupils in an interesting way.

In the food safety, animal health and environment scientific institute “BIOR” pupils participated in the educational activities lead by the leader of the laboratory Vita Strazdiņa, as well as other „BIOR” researchers and laboratory assistants. Children got to know the development history of „BIOR” and its main working spheres, laboratory devices and research works, as well as worked practically with the microscopes examining different plant peels.

In the Science Street is situated also Sigulda Rural Municipality’s Culture Centre. There in the photographer’s Aivars Lapiņš exhibition „Nature. Man. Interaction” pupils saw not only a beautiful photo exhibition, but got to know also photo art’s history, old photography cameras and devices.

Close by Science Street pupils went to knowledge footpaths through valley of the Gauja River and got to know Krimulda old castle ruins. Exciting was the meeting with the ornithologist Jānis Brikmanis with whom pupils got to know bird voices of the valley of the Gauja River and their flight.

In the Krimulda new castle – rehabilitation centre the guide Mārīte Vītola lead the educational activity for pupils about Krimulda castle and medicine history. Pupils were interested to get to know medicine devices of soviet time and room furniture and learning aids, because children were hose, who resided there and successfully underwent treatment cure.
The event „Sprīdītis in Science Street” gave new and also unusual knowledge, aesthetic enjoyment, being in beautiful nature environments, practical skills and positive mood while working in all activities.

The Riga Latvian Society continues to maintain the project “Stand hard, Work Bravely” that takes place in the framework of the programme of the European Economic Area’s Financial Mechanism of the period 2009 – 2014 „NGO Fund” subprogramme „Non-Governmental Organisations’ Activities’ Support Programme”.



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