Premiere of V. A. Mozart’s musical comedy “Bastien and Bastienne”!

Premiere of V. A. Mozart’s musical comedy “Bastien and Bastienne”!

On Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 14.00 in the Riga Latvian Society Big Hall all the interesents are welcome to the premiere of V. A. Mozart’s musical comedy “Bastien and Bastienne”. 

In the staging participate soloists - Jolanta Strikaite, Juris Vizbulis, Viesturs Vītols, Strazdumuiža Boarding school’s - development centre’s for the visually impaired and blind children vocal ensemble (leaders Iveta Zvaigzne and Irēna Ozoliņa), Riga Latvian Society children vocal studio’s “Knīpas and Knauķi” group’s “Wagtails” singers and Jāzeps Mediņš’ Riga 1st Music School’s chamber orchestra ARMONICO. Staging’s musical leader and conductor - Normunds Dreģis, director - Dace Pūce, stage designer – Oskars Dreģis, costume designer - Linda Lagzdiņa.

“Mozart started composing of the musical comedy – comic opera “Bastien and Bastienne” in Salzburg in 1767 and finished it in Vienna in 1768. Together with the operas “Apollon and Hiacin” (1767) and “Seeming Simpleton” (1769) it is one of the earliest operas of the outstanding Vienne classic, where clearly are established basis for Mozart’s peculiar music language and characters’ drama. In the basis of the musical comedy’s “Bastien and Bastienne” libretto is Jean’s Jack Russo play “Village Sorcerer”, it is a one-act opera and its text is in German language.

 In our staging all musical performances will be in the original language, but spoken texts and dialogues are staged in Latvian language” tells the idea author and conductor Normunds Dreģis.
The content of the staging reveals its director Dace Pūce: “Bastien and Bastienne” is a story about relationship. Bastienne loves Bastien, but she suffers that the fellow has started paying attention to other girls. Bastienne asks the advice from both youth friend – fortune-teller Kola to regain the fellow’s love. Kola advices the girl to change and during their meeting to convince the fellow that she loves another man. Unwillingly, but the girl agrees. During the meeting with the Bastien she appears indifferent to him. Such behaviour surprises Bastien and they start the agreement. Only after the thorough moment Bastienne and Bastien make peace and in that moment appears Kola to receive gratitude and praise for his fortune-teller ability… We in our staging will try to show this story in nowadays atmosphere.”

Premiere of V. A. Mozart’s musical comedy Bastien and Bastienne is implemented in the framework of the project “Let’s Open the World for Opportunities and Skills”. The staging will take place also in Strazdumuiža Boarding School’s premises and during Riga Festival.
All interesents are welcome! The admission is free.


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