Participate in searching for the Year’s 2014 Word, Unword and the Winged Saying!

Let’s remember how it was: in year 2013 – Kārlis Mīlenbachs 160, Jānis Endzelīns 140!
Will we implement the idea about the memorial site - monument in front of the University of Latvia main entrance for our language outstanding personalities until the centennial of the Latvian State in 2018?

The RLS in cooperation with the Latvian Academy of Sciences and the University of Latvia are trying for already several years to solve it. Near the Freedom Monument and around it then will be the honorary place for two our State’s the most reliable foundations – State Independency and Latvian Language! To finish it, we still need approx. EUR 75 000. We invite you to donate: with remark: „donation for the monument of Mīlenbachs and Endzelīns” In the Riga Latvian Society and National Culture Development Fund, reg. No. 40008036307,  account no. LV33UNLA0002056469469, SEB Bank Rīdzene branch, UNLALV2X

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We wish merry and light Christmas and blessed the Year 2015 for all RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group’s friends and participants!

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Participate in searching for the Year’s 2014 Word, Unword and the Winged Saying! The proposals will be accepted until January 12, Additional information will be available in newspapers, radio and television soon after Christmas holidays. Also this time all the society and all generations together with the RLS LLAG, Latvian Writers’ Union and the Terminology Commission are invited to find the most characteristic words, unwords and winged sayings of the year 2014 under the leadership of the former chairman of the Latvian Writers’ Union Ieva Kolmane.
Project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
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