On November 6 – discussion „Woman’s safety – basis of successful career”

On Thursday, November 6, 2014 the Riga Latvian Society and resource centre for women „Marta” continues the started discussions’ cycle about gender role and opportunities in Latvia. Discussion’s theme - „Woman’s safety – basis of successful career”. The discussion will take place in Riga, Riga Latvian Society House, Meríeïa Street 13 in Club Hall at 17.00.

The leader of the resource centre for women “Marta” Iluta Lâce tells: „Half of women, who ask for help are employed, the third part of these women have higher education and third part – secondary professional education. Specialists and professionals have opinion that women, who suffer or have suffered from violence, as well as, if the women are legally unprotected, because they live in unregistered relationships, have  remarkable difficulties in participation in making economic decisions and that create important obstacles in their professional development.

Initially, already 14 years ago, when “Marta” was created, there was a plan to support women aspirations to be successful in labour market, starting of their own business and in making political decisions, but by giving support in different crisis situations we understood that the difficult questions that women asked to “Marta” were in fact offence of women basic human rights to life free from violence that is important restriction for professional development and is not solved in Latvia.”  

Good news that as a result of long discussions in Latvia finally there are legal provisions that protect woman from violence and pursuit.

The discussion will lead resource centre “Marta” leaders Iluta Lâce and public relations specialist Gundega Tentere.

The discussion is one of the events in the Riga Latvian Society project “Let’s Open the World for Opportunities and Skills”.

All interesents are welcome!
The participation in the discussion, please, announce till November 4, 2014, by writing to e-mail to the Riga Latvian Society Culture Project Manager Dace Paegle, dace.paegle@rlb.lv.


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