On March 8 – discussion about gender roles and opportunities in Latvia

 On March 8 – discussion about gender roles and opportunities in Latvia

On Saturday, March 8, 2014 the Riga Latvian Society in cooperation with resources centre for women “Marta” invites to the discussion about gender roles and opportunities in Latvia. The aim of the discussion that is organised in the framework of the international Women Day is to promote the understanding of the gender equality. The discussion will take place in Riga, NGO House, in Laimdotas Street 42, from 13.00 to 14.30.

The discussion will lead the resource centre’s for women “Marta” leaders Iluta Lâce and Gundega Tentere, by stressing woman’s public image and her personal choice.

About discussion’s theme tells the centre’s “Marta” leaders: “The public space has a crucial meaning in genders and making of their roles, - as one of the very important power relations in the society. Both, the identity of men and women is made, shown and maintained in the public environment in mutual interaction – both as a representation, and as a process that makes person’s social identity. Girls and women receive the most important message about, how they should look and behave, what are their responsibilities and talents, what are their dreams and choices exactly in the public environment.  

Gender inequality and women discrimination in the public environment is one of the most characteristic features of all powers, although women are the biggest part of the Latvian society. In the consumption society exactly different social agents (journalists, TV producers, culture makers, politicians) are those, who influence the society’s understanding about seemingly “self-evident” questions – about social identity of gender, its role and power relations. 

Meeting on March 8, together we will try to find answers to the questions: how to be yourself, how to be the one you want to be, how to make honest choices of your own life, how to approach your dreams and the woman’s inner “me” by staying in comfort?”

The discussion is one of the activities of the Riga Latvia Society project ”Let’s open the world for opportunities and skills”.  The discussions about men’s and women’s main roles in the society, career and family will follow.  

On March 8, NGO House doors will be opened also for other activities all day long. From 11.00 “Talent Market” will invite, where the non-governmental organisations in cooperation with Culture and Folk Art centre “Ritums” guests will show their craft works, art and other creative expression works. During the day the Society will make special greeting cards “Entering the World”, where 15 young people with disabilities will participate. At 14.30 will sound the concert “I will be”. There will participate the duet Dita Lâce and Iluta Lâce – centre’s "Marta" leaders, who have participated in several musical projects already before. In the concert will sound already known Latvian folk songs and original songs that have been created on the basis of Latvian folk songs’ texts and melodies – strength songs that open the inner strength through the woman’s voice and invites to go the way chosen by uniting the world’s offered opportunities and one’s own heart’s call.

All are welcome!








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