Martin’s Day

The Riga Latvian Society’s “Sprīdītis’ School” invites everyone to the event “Sprīdītis’ Martin’s Day” that will take place on November 6, 2015 at 12.00 in Inčukalns Culture House, on Atmodas Street 1a. The participants of the event will be able to get to know Martin’s Day traditions, participate in practical activities, make decorations, sing Martin’s Day songs and dance Martin’s Day dances, as well as to see the mask exhibition that consists of the masks made of natural materials characteristic for the autumn.

In the programme: educational activity about Martin’s Day traditions (Indra Čekstere), practical activity – making of Martin’s Day decorations (Margita Poriete), Martin’s Day music, dances and games (Aiga Auziņa), masking traditions and visit of the mask exhibition (Margita Poriete).

Opening of the mask exhibition in Inčukalns

The opening of the mask exhibition will take place on November 6, 2015 at 17.00 in Inčukalns Culture House, on Atmodas Street 1a.

Martin’s Day is the beginning of the masks’ wearing time, and the exhibition will offer the ideas for the masking tradition. The masks are made in the Riga Latvian Society “Spŗīdītis’ School” activities, teacher seminars and in the events in the Latvian Ethnographic open Air Museum. Several of these masks have been already tried in autumn – winter annual events together with the folklore group „Senlejiņa” and Sigulda seniors dance group “Sidrabdancis” participants in Turaida Museum-reservation. Daiga Kļaviņa and Ainārs Ozoliņš have helped to make the mask ideas of Margita Poriete. These masks are not made based on the archaeological researches, but on the conditions, human skills, opinions and materials that should have been in a farmer’s house in old times. In some masks the fashion tendencies and humour are seen.

Also dolls are seen in the exhibitions that are made with traditional ways, but up-to-date. The evenings become longer, when Martin’s Day is approaching and the handicraft making traditionally becomes more active in this period. Also the masters from Vangaži and Inčukalns will show their work in carpets, mittens, scarfs and other pieces of work.

Entrance is free.

Support: Inčukalns Municipality Council

Riga Latvian Society Folklore Commission leader
Margita Poriete, Phone: 29528421, e- mail: margitaporiete@inbox.lv  www.rlb.lv, www.incukalns.lv



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