Leonards Inkins’ Film "Betrayal" in Nation’s Living Strength Discussion on November 21, 2013

Leonards Inkins’ Film "Betrayal" in Nation’s Living Strength Discussion on November 21, 2013


On October, 2013 the Riga Latvian Society started an interesting discussions cycle „Conversations about Nation’s Living Strength”, where all Riga’s citizens, who are interested in active ageing promotion and its topicalities for people in preretirement age and unemployed people, can participate.


Discussions are organised by the Riga Latvian Society interest group „Centre of People Living Strength”, where actively work high level professionals and RLS members. Cycle’s presenter is Dr. Med. Riga Stradiņš University docent Ilva Duļevska. 


The main aim of the discussions’ cycle „Conversations about People Living Strength” is to promote active ageing, socialization of social castaway risk subjected group preretirement unemployed persons and to raise the possibilities for these persons to involve in the labour market.  To attend the discussions are welcome unemployed persons in preretirement age and persons of ability-to-work age. The discussions attend also the most active RLS members. Thereby, additionally specialists’ lectures, the participants have the opportunity to see positive examples and different solutions of problem situations in different generations.


The discussions take place once a month in the Riga Latvian Society Club Hall.


On October 17, at 17.00 the discussion’s theme was „Promotion of healthy habits among ability-to-work age people – healthy food, physical activities”.


On November 21 at 17.00 the meeting’s main theme is going to be „The promotion of psycho emotional (mental) health”, and in the framework of this theme, every participant will have the opportunity to watch Leonards Inkins’ documental film „Betrayal”. The film has been made as a conversation, where every its participant gets the same question – „What is a betrayal?” After watching the film, it becomes clear that reflection and verity gained during the harsh living experience, that the people in the film express, make us think not only about the explanation of the concept, but also about many other things that we connect with betrayal – about trust, lie, lost hopes, even foolishness. We have to think also about the question how painful is people contact with betrayal, how it changes peoples’ lives, what it lefts in peoples’ souls. The always topical question goes through the film – is it possible to forgive and forget the betrayal?


On December 12, at 17.00 the discussion „Bad habits – cause of problems (smoking abandon, reducing of alcohol using, etc.)” will take place.


Admission in the discussions is for free. All the interests are welcome!






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