Researcher of the University of Latvia Botanical garden Dace Grīviņa has received award for the investment in the popular scientific work

The manager of the University of Latvia Botanical garden Tropical, subtropical and succulent plants’ laboratory Do. Agr. Dace Grīviņa has received Atis Kronvalds’ foundation and ARN Ltd. award for the investment in the popular scientific work. The awarding will take place on Thursday, December 18, at 18.00 at the Riga Latvian Society.

Award of Atis Kronvalds foundation and ARN Ltd. Dace Grīviņa will receive for her work in education and consulting, organising of pupils’ research work and managing of out-of-school activities, as well as for the mediator work with youth to promote their interest about natural sciences/agriculture. It has been her heart work for many years.

Every day duties of D. Grīviņa in the garden are connected with the managing of Tropical and subtropical plants laboratory and making of collections in Plants’ House. She is responsible for the exotic plants: palms, cactuses, ferns, orchids, azaleas and many others. For this job she has prepared seriously, obtaining two higher educations – at the University of Latvia and at the Latvia University of Agriculture. Specialisation of D. Grīviņa is biology and agronomy, where she has obtained also doctor’s degree. The work has mainly been connected with the botanical gardens: first of all with the national Botanical garden in Salaspils, but for 10 years already D.Grīviņa has been working in the LU Botanical garden. She has not only made expositions in the Plants House, but has also participated in the organising of exhibitions in the garden and outside it. With her participation has been made exhibitions "Bible plants”, “Plants in your cosmetics”, „World fruits and seeds”, „The far East beauty - azalea”, „Grandma’s windowsill” and many others. For many years she has led the pupils hobby group “Journey with houseplants”, where children learned to know plants and understand nature world’s regularities, so for some youth D.Grīviņa has involuntarily influenced to choose studies and profession in this field. D. Grīviņa gladly leads pupil’s scientific works, during Shadow Days she shows the work in the garden, guides excursions through the garden and courses for children and adults, gives consultations about plants and their cultivation to individual interesents. She tirelessly tells about plants and Botanical garden also for wider public by participating in radio and TV broadcasts, writing publications in popular editions, for example, magazines Ievas Māja, Mans īpašums, Mazdārziņš, Dārzs un Drava, Dārzā and others, as well as giving countless consultations to journalists, who need advice in making articles or broadcasts about plants. 

The awarding will take place in the Riga Latvian Society House, on December 18, at 18.00 in the Fireplace Hall. The ceremonious moment is planned during the Riga Latvian Society and Latvian Radio organised discussion “Known in the Unknown”. Theme of discussion will be devoted to the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia and Atis Kronvalds – they both are united with the giving of knowledge for the society. Foundation of Atis Kronvalds continues the started work of A. Kronvalds, promoting education and raising its prestige, as it evaluates the work of people connected with this sphere. During the event the interesents will have insight in the LU Botanical Garden collections and work, as well as will have opportunity to ask questions for garden specialists about exotic plants and different trees and caulescent plants that grow in the garden. All interesents, who feel close with the nature, plants and gardens, are welcome! Entrance is free!

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