«Involvement of the sentence in language fluency and ordinal” – narration by Aldis Lauzis

«Involvement of the sentence in language fluency and ordinal” – narration by Aldis Lauzis

RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group in its meeting in April offers the reading «Involvement of the sentence in language fluency and ordinal” that will be told by the editor, translator and terminologist Aldis Lauzis.  

The professional activities and interests of A. Lauzis includes also semiotics, science of logic, philosophy, translating theory and praxis. His translated books (mainly popular science works) Latvian readers know since already 1969. Four years later A.Lauzis translated scientific fantasy author’s Maikl Kraiton’s novel «Andromeda’s stump». A. Lauzis has edited also such editions as «Dictionary of Sociology” and «Dictionary of Ideas». His newest translations are David Hume’s «Tractate about Human’s Nature. 2nd part. About Feelings» (2008) and Richard Dawkins’s «God’s Delusion» (2014).

7th April’s reading’s theme will not be about sentence members in a usual understanding, but about another division – racurs, theme, rheme. To express clearly (especially in written language!) it is not enough to prove with syntax which sentence member is each word and what is their mutual relationship, but it should be also revealed with the help of sentence or ordinal. Nowadays many people make mistakes here, because, for example, in English language  the sentence members’ sequence is less free and the discoursive sense of the sentence with an ordinal can be expressed not so straight as in Latvian language. Speaking in other words, in our language the change of the ordinal is not simply a poetic freedom for some additional language shade or rhythm, but, in its basis, a tool for the precise depiction of the communicative needs.

Latvian Language Advancement Group (LVAK) has been working since 2001 and has become well known with a linguistic and philological readings (on Monday evening each month), year’s word’s and saying’s inquiries, as well as with other activities, where specialists and language interests, who care for the Latvian language quality, can get knowledge and change their opinions. 

A. Lauzis’ reading and discussion will take place on April 7, 2014 at 18.00 in the Riga Latvian Society House in Meríeïa Street 13, room 301. 







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