At present, when questions about integration and its processes are becoming more and more topical, Riga Latvian Society gives its contribution in its promotion, to give knowledge and to educate.

Riga Latvian Society welcomes all non-citizens, who wish to obtain Latvian citizenship, to 3 courses that will be free of charge – Latvian language, Latvian culture and integration processes. The courses take place from February 25 to May 31, 2013. The participants will obtain valuable knowledge in all 3 programmes that are necessary during the naturalization process to pass successfully naturalization exam and obtain Latvian citizenship. 

Interesents, who wish to obtain Latvian citizenship – non-citizens, will obtain Latvian language, to become acquainted with the culture life processes, current legislation and integration questions during 3 courses. The main aim of the courses is to help preparing for the naturalization exam in an easy and qualitative way.

Latvian language courses are organized so that its acquirers could use the Latvian language of full value as a mean of communication in speaking and writing. Integration process study programme includes Latvian history, basic laws, state’s government structure and social issues. The participants will acquire Latvian traditions, theatre elements in mutual communication and colloquial speech knowledge. The courses will be led by professional, experienced teachers. 

The courses are planned in two groups during working days’ evenings and at weekends. One groups’ studies will take place at the higher education institution ISMA, on Lomonosova Street 1, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 16.10 to 18.10, at the Riga Latvian Society, Merķeļa Street 13, on Sundays from 11.00 – 18.00. The second group’s studies will take place at the Riga Latvian Society, on Merķeļa Street 13 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.10 to 19.10, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 17.10 to 20.30 and on Saturdays from 11.00 – 13.10.

At the end of the courses the participants, who will have successfully studied at the courses, will have 2 day excursion through Latvia’s historically important places with the professional guide. During the excursion the participants will strengthen the obtained Latvian language and history knowledge. 

More information about the courses on the Riga Latvian Society is available on homepage www.rlb.lv. To apply for the courses – mob. 29353929, T. 67222932 or e-mail: projekts@rlb.lv.

The courses take place within the project „Integration’s ABC” that is implemented by the Riga Latvian Society in cooperation with Welfare Department of the Riga City Council, Latvian Children forum, Association of YWCA/YMCA of Latvia, Society „Goraļ”, Latvian Russians’ Culture Society, Civil Society Development Fund and member organisations of the Cooperation platform and intercultural dialogue making in Latvia.

Project’s „ Integration’s ABC” Coordinator Jana Kalniņa
Mob. 29353929
T. 67222932

Information prepared by:
Riga Latvian Society
Information and Advertisement Coordinator
Zinta Gugane
Mob. 29528022

This publication has been made with the support of European Third country nationals’ integration fund. The Riga Latvian Society is responsible for the content of the publication. 75% of the project is financed by the European Third country nationals’ integration fund, national co-financing – 25%.