The Riga Latvian Society is organizing the creative works competition „I Live in Latvia” for the young people, whose native country is Latvia or to whom Latvia has become the second motherland or home.

All Latvian schools are welcome to participate actively in the competition by creating an opportunity to present themselves in Latvia and Europe. The most responsive school representatives will be able to present their schools during different events, where Latvian government’s and European Commission’s secretariat’s representatives in Latvia will participate. Schools’ representatives will be invited to the European Day’s event “Me in Europe” and event “Festival for all generations” at Vçrmane Park on June 8.

Youngsters at the age of 14 – 19 years can participate in the competition.

The form of the competition work is at choice. It can be an essay, short story, poetry, play, etc. The work should lay out the processes of Latvian history, culture, social and economic life, self-experience or vision of Latvia’s future: suggestions and proposals. Deadline for submitting is March 31, 2013. 

The aim of the competition is to promote the interest about Latvian history and culture, form understanding about the national identity questions and promote young people to positive attitude towards their land, wish to solve its economic and social problems, to express one’s opinion in the creative way, explain and defend it during the communication with the society.

The creative work competition will finish on May 9, 2013, when the winners will be awarded.

The best work authors will receive prizes from the Riga Council, gift cards, the opportunity to go to the 2 day free excursion around Latvia and valuable books. The best works will receive also incentive prizes and sympathy prizes. The main prize is tour to Brussels.  

More information about the competition can be founded on the Riga Latvian Society homepage . The works should be submitted via electronic way by sending them to the e-mail:  

Creative work competition is organized within the project „Integration’s ABC” that is implemented by the Riga Latvian Society in cooperation with Welfare Department of the Riga City Council, Latvian Children forum, Association of YWCA/YMCA of Latvia, Society „Goraď”, Latvian Russians’ Culture Society, Civil Society Development Fund and member organisations of the Cooperation platform and intercultural dialogue making in Latvia. 

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This publication has been made with the support of European Third country nationals’ integration fund. The Riga Latvian Society is responsible for the content of the publication. 75% of the project is financed by the European Third country nationals’ integration fund, national co-financing – 25%.