«Fifth case in Latvian language: instrumental case or adessive case? » – LLAG invites to Elvis Krumholcs’ reading

The RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group invites to the reading prepared by the translator, polyglot and certificated merchant, expert in personnel affairs Elvis Krumholcs that will take place on December 1, at 18.00.

Instrumental case is a Latvian language case that is taught and known in elementary way after its linking with preposition “with” (with what?). Linguists, in their turn, for example, Teodors Fennels and Rasma Grîsle have tried to analyse deeper, discuss and prove or refute one or another case’s existence in Latvian language.

Elvis Krumholcs postulates that in this case it is important to look at Finno-Ugric language layer that has affected development of Latvian language in ancient times. Researching grammatically, it is possible to see one case that is not being taught at school – adessive case.

It is “case of presence” that can point also active use of action method (seems similarly to instrumental case? – but, whether identically?) or way of performance, doing, process. For example, “go by foot”.

The reporter of 1st December has a lot of other things to tell about cognitive linguistics, about, what, to his mind, are deficiencies of nowadays native language teaching and how they, possibly, contort ability to communicate quickly and plain and have good relationship.

LLAG thematic meetings take place once a month on the first Monday at 18.00 (except July and August).

Elvis Krumholcs has expressed his thoughts and researches in longer interview in our website.

Read it here– http://LVAK.wordpress.com/2014/11/27/elvis-krumholcs-piektais-locijums-latviesu-valoda-instrumentalis-vai-adesivs/


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