The Riga Latvian Society participates in the congress devoted to the European culture heritage preservation

From May 2 to 7, 2014 the “Europa Nostra” congress took place in the capital city of Austria Vienne. “Europa Nostra” is the European Union’s culture heritage organisations’ network that takes care of maintaining nature and culture heritage, as well as every year organises awarding ceremonies devoted to the nominated culture heritage monuments of that year.

The Riga Latvian Society has been a member of the organisation “Europa Nostra” for 2 years. This year the Society’s chairman Guntis Gailītis had an opportunity to participate in the congress due to the European Union project’s “Stand Hard, Work Bravely” financing. During the congress several events took place that were connected with Vienne’s culture-historical heritage – visits of monuments and buildings. Several meetings were held during which the congress participants got to know the represented organisations’ work and current events.

“Europa Nostra” members – member organisations can announce their objects in one of the four categories:

  • preservation of the heritage, including restoration of buildings and adapting them to new aims; new buildings in historic places, restoration of urban and rural environment; maintenance of the art objects’ collections;
  • culture heritage research projects;
  • important investment of a person or organisation in preservation of heritage; 
  • projects that provide education and educational activities in culture heritage sphere or popularises preserving of culture heritage.

The Riga Latvian Society also is planning in future to bring forward its candidates from Latvia in one of the categories.

“Europa Nostra” is a non-governmental organisation of European level that works for the culture heritage. The organisation consists of 250 non-governmental and non-profit organisations from more than 50 European countries and at with least 5 million citizens. More than 150 involved state institutions and corporations and more that 1500 individual participants support the organisation. Its wide network of professionals and volunteers is working for the preserving of European culture heritage for this and next generations.

More information about the organisation “Europa Nostra” is available in the home page www. europanostra.org.

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