Concluding of the creative works’ competition “Me and My Motherland” and second round – the winners will be named on November 27

Creative works’ competition “Me and My Motherland”, ceremonious event of the second round’s conclusion and awarding of the winners will take place on Thursday, November 27, at 14.00 in the Riga Latvian Society Fireplace Hall. The winners and their teachers will be awarded during the event.

All year long the Riga Latvian Society was organising the creative works’ competition “Me and My Motherland”. More than 300 children and youth from all Latvia at the age from 14 to 19 years participated in the competition. The competition was organised in two rounds.

„Me and my home, my family”, "Me and my school", „Me and my friends, my environment" and "Me and my Latvia’s future" – themes about which competition’s organisers stimulated children and youth to make their creative works. Part of the youth expressed theme’s main idea and their vision in written form – literary works, another part – in visual works. Visual art works became the basis for three exhibitions.

The competition „Me and My Motherland” promoted to find out and develop children’s and youth notion about Latvia’s history, culture and make understanding about national identity’s questions. Participation in the competition promoted pupils to extend their horizon, improve their language style and raise their self-confidence. The event complex stimulated children and youth to positive attitude towards their country, its economic and social problems, to express their opinion in creative work and defend it in communication with the society.

All participants of the competition, their teachers, as well as supporters and other interesents are welcome to participate in the concluding event!

The creative works competition was organised in the framework of the Riga Latvian Society project “Let’s Open the World for Opportunities and Skills” (contract no. 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/054/022).


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