«Compounds in Latvian Language – LLAG offers narration by Aldis Lauzis

RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group organises narration about compounds in Latvian Language on November 3 at 18.00. Admission is free for all interesents.

The narrator this time will be philologist, editor, translator and terminologist Aldis Lauzis.

The narrator will analyse from what and how the compounds are made.

In books published in Latvian Language many compounds are found in already 17th century. Valuable compounds were created in the first part of 20th century – during the time of the Republic of Latvia, in the period of Janis Endzelins’ active work. Also in later periods morphology and word formation has been in the focus of attention of philologists.

Sometimes terminologists and text analysers prove that a compound (because of some Latvian Language peculiarities) express the necessary meaning in the best way and incorporate the best in sentences, however, specialists of different spheres and language users in general are sceptical towards compounds.

What are the reasons? We will try to find it out during our meeting on November 3, in the Riga Latvian Society House, 2nd floor, room 301.

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