Children and youth creative works’ exhibition in the NGO House

Children and youth creative works’ exhibition in the NGO House  

In the middle of June, a few days before Ligo night, the NGO House premises were ornamented with beautiful decorations – children and youth visual art works were placed in the house premises. In the exhibition have been united creative works that have been made with special love, sincerity and diligence. The exhibition consists of works from the creative work competition “Me and My Motherland” that took place in winter and spring and Strazdumuiţa Boarding school - development centre for the visually impaired and blind children paintings that display themes from the musical comedy’s “Bastien and Bastienne” plot.  

The creative works’ competition “Me and My Motherland” invited children and youth to look deeper and to picture their vision about the things that are most important for everybody – home, family and Latvia. Works, where Strazdumuiţa Boarding school’s visually impaired and blind children have expressed their emotions are also touching and surprising. The works are permeated with favourable mood, because everybody has put there light thoughts and their heart warmth. 

The exhibition has been created in the framework of the Riga Latvian Society project “Let’s Open the World for Opportunities and Skills” (contract No. 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/054/022).

The new artists and NGO House staff invites you to visit the exhibition! The exhibition will be seen until the middle of July, in Riga, Laimdotas Street 42!  


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