The Riga Latvian Society’s Latvian Language Advancement Group 
Leader: Mg. paed. Uģis Nastevičs

The activities and meetings of the group is voluntary work done with an idea that Latvian language is of high value and the basis of Latvian State. We have inherited the knowledge from our outstanding cultural workers and the real linguists, and we try to find new strength on their knowledge basis, to help solving our language’s problems – because: „Language develops, progressing further according to its norms and its old samples, but not under the influence of other languages.” J.Endzelīns

RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group (RLS LLAG) was founded in September 2001. The group’s aim is the development of Latvian language that is based on the greatest Latvian linguists’ Mīlenbach’s and Endzelīns’ knowledge and contribution. Inter alia, the group’s aim is to promote discussion about the topical language questions, promote linguistics development in Latvia that is based on knowledge and science, as well as to prevent the language decree and harmful regulations’ continuation in language practice in Latvia that come from Soviet times.

With our group’s help have been created several useful editions – here about some newest:

Each year together with Latvian Writers’ Union and Latvian Academy’s of Science Terminology Commission we organize and ask everybody to participate in the looking for the Year’s word, unword and the winged saying!