Latvian School in Copenhagen

School’s activities take place once a week.

Evita Purzāle manages the Latvian School in Copenhagen. She has developed and offers the lesson course that is made of active and creative every week activity in positive and playful atmosphere.

The aim and main task of the programme is to develop with the help of movements all-round child’s motoricity skills, at the same time with the help of games and songs improving children Latvian language skills.

After the intensive activity’s part the children can work in the creative workshop, where together with the parents or without assistance they can make, glue, draw, paint and construct.

The important aim of the school is to gather and unite Latvian families living in the surroundings of Copenhagen with the pre-school age children.

Svenskelejren 18, 2700 Copenhagen, Denmark

Leader - Evita Purzale

Tel. 50197599

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