Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia

The Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia was founded on September; 2009. Its aim is to popularise Latvian language and culture in Estonia. The Society unites people, who live in Estonia, but in their hearts are connected with their motherland Latvia. In their activities, the Society implements projects that let Estonians to find out more about Latvian culture heritage and enrich the culture life of Latvian diaspora in Estonia.

The Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia continues the work started by Latvian Society in Estonia in 1998. In their turn the group of Latvian Society’s in Estonia senior members have joined the Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia work.


The roots of the foundation of the Latvian Society in Estonia have to be searched in the impetuous and full of expectations autumn of 1988, when the group of Latvian initiators living in Tallinn put the advertisement in the newspaper “Noorte Hääl” on October 26 about regular meetings. On that time in Estonia lived approximately 3 thousand Latvians, who together with Estonian nation struggled for the independency of the State. The first meeting of the initiative group took place on September 7, 1988. The participants decided to develop statutes for the next Latvian Society in Estonia and make Society’s badges and sketches of flag and pennant. The Latvian Society in Estonia was founded on November 18, 1988. In the first general meeting that took place in Tallinn in Youth Theatre Small Hall, the Society’s chairman, vice-chairman, Board and Auditing Commission were elected and statutes were accepted. The aims of the Society’s work: investigating of Latvian and Estonian nations’ culture history, participating in the local culture events, reception of Latvian artists, organising of Sunday school and library work. 145 members were registered in the Society. First events and excursions were organised. In 1992 the Society regained its property – in 1922 founded Estonian Latvians’ Club House on Narva mnt.5. The Society celebrated traditional holidays, actively participated in Tallinn Old Town Days and Estonian minority activities. In 1992 the Sunday school started its work and art lessons were organised. On March 14, 1992 the Society’s flag was consecrated in the St Spirit’s Church. Since the foundation of the Society until 1994 its work had managed Ziedonis Siliņš. In 1994 Juris Žīgurs became the Chairman of the Society. Were registered new Society’s statutes and made reforms in the Society’s work. Having overcome the economic problems, the Society continued active participation in Estonian State’s social life. The Society’s members cooperated with Latvian Lutheran Parish that worked in St Spirit’s Church.

With the change of generations the started work of the Society took over and improved Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia that was founded in 2009.  


Since its foundation in autumn 2009 the Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia has been actively participating in Latvian Diaspora’s life, cooperating with Latvian Embassy in Estonia in the spheres of strengthening interstate bonds in culture and other spheres. Have been founded and still work Latvian Additional School “Taurenis” (Butterfly) in Estonia, folklore group „Rēvele”, Latvian choir in Estonia “Ziemeļu balsis” (Northern Voices) and sports friends gather together in volleyball trainings. The home page has been developed, where the news about the Society’s activities, culture events, school activities and other works appear. The Society participates in international projects and in larger cultural and social events in Estonia and Latvia. The Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia joined Union of European Latvians on March 27, 2013.


Society’s address
Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia, Pärnu mnt. 6, Tallinn
E-mail: latviesuklubins@hot.ee

Board member of the Latvian National Culture Society in Estonia Laura Šmideberga
E-mail: latviesuklubins@hot.ee; laura.smideberga@gmail.com
Phone: +372 5582866; +372 54511595

Senior members of the Latvian Society in Estonia
Norberts Kaupužs
E-mail: norberts.kaupuzs@gmail.com
Phone: 372 55698421

Home page: www.igaunijaslatviesi.blogspot.com