Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand

The Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand (LAAJ) represent Latvian organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The federation has also individual and lifelong members.

The aims of the LAAJ are: to promote cooperation of Latvians and Latvian organisations in Australia and New Zealand, by working in democratic spirit, in social, culture and aid spheres;  continuation and upholding of Latvian culture; cooperation with organisations and state institutions in Latvia and other countries.

In the LAAJ work Culture Section, Youth Section, Economy Section and Information Section.

In the LAAJ works also Culture Fund, founded in 1952. The work of the Culture Fund is aimed to maintain Australian Latvians’ mental heritage by developing and supporting culture and social activities. The aims of the Culture Fund, by working under the wing of the Society, are to promote and finance Latvian education, youth activities and Latvian culture activities in Australia and New Zealand by supporting choirs, folk dances, theatre, Culture days, Youth Days, sport, camps, fine arts, applied arts and other Latvian culture events.

The work of the LAAJ manages the Presidium. The representatives of the LAAJ work in the World Free Latvian Association’s Board.


LAAJ address

PO Box 98; Reynella 5161, South Australia, Australia

E-mail: info@laaj.org.au
Phone: 61 03 9873 9792

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