Latvian Children School in Austria

Latvian Children School in Austria has been working in Vienne under the wing of the Latvian Society in Austria since 2008.

The aim of the school is to create Latvian environment, where children can acquire Latvian traditions, find out about Latvia’s nature, geography and history, with the help of songs, games and conversations to enrich their Latvian language and Latvian language writing.

The school’s activities make opportunity to meet children and their parents to commonly spend time in Latvian environment.

The activities take place twice a month on Saturdays from 10.00 – 13.00. In the school children at age from 3 līdz16 years participate. The activities are divided in three parts. The first lecture is common for children and their parents. During the activity the participants get information about Latvian traditions, Latvian nature, geography or history. During this activity with the help of corresponding procedures and traditions the most important Latvian annual events – Michaelmas, St. Martin’s Day, Christmas, Shrovetide, Easter and Ligo Festival are celebrated. Second activity is language lesson. During the lesson the children divide in age groups and learn Latvian language. During the third part of the activity children from the age of 10 years learn Latvian history, bet youngest children continue the language lesson.

In the school work 6 voluntary teachers. Several language teachers have attended LVAVA managed Diaspora school teachers’ seminars and courses in Latvia. In 2014/2015 school year the school activities take place in the Latvian embassy in Austria premises and Kirchengemeinde St. Salvator premises (in Vienne, Wipplinger Street 6).

The coordinator of the Latvian Children School in Austria is Ieva Pūpola.


Ieva Pūpola
T: 43 06803039751

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