Dear colleagues in Latvia and in the world, members of the Latvian Societies and supporters!

The important aim of the Riga Latvian Society work is to gather information about Latvians in whole world, cooperate with them, to find out and promote their achievements in economy, science and culture and take care about their preserving and maintenance in Latvia, promoting Latvian unity all around the world.

The Riga Latvian Society organised 6 World Latvian Societies’ conferences, where participated delegates from Latvia and foreign Latvian Societies (1996, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008). Since 2008 the cooperation with Latvian organisations continues by implementing particular cooperation projects, receiving guests from world Latvian organisations in our home and visiting other countries, sharing experience and strengthening Latvian identity.

To promote the mutual cooperation of the Latvian Societies and exchange the information, make the information about the work of Latvian Societies in the world and newest events in the Societies available for wide range of people, as well as popularise Latvian organisations’ work, the Riga Latvian Society in the framework of the European Economic Area’s Financial Mechanism financed project “Stand Hard, Work Bravely” (N0.2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/068/1/NAC/054/2014”) has developed section in the Riga Latvian Society Home page – data base about Latvian Societies and schools that work all around the world.

In the data base we have summarized the information about Latvian Societies and organisations that work with similar aims as the Riga Latvian Society, as well as about Latvian schools and Sunday schools that work under the wing of the Societies and organisations and make opportunities for more closer cooperation, sharing of experience about organisations’ work and working specifics in different countries. In the section we have gathered information about Latvian organisations’ history and current work, photos, contacts and links to the organisations’ Home pages and Web sites in social networks.

During the year of 2015 the information about the organisations will be added. In the same way each month we will offer news and events from the world Latvian Societies and schools – those that seem interesting and emphasized for the Riga Latvian Society and that teach and inspire.  

We invite our colleagues to share experience, inform about their work and news, because the work that each Latvian organisation and school does, is unselfish and priceless, it should be talked about and we should be proud about it – each separately and all Latvian organisations together!

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Let’s stand hard and work bravely!
Riga Latvian Society

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This publication has been made with European Economic Area’s Financial Mechanism’s and State of Latvia financial support.The Riga Latvian Society is responsible for the content of the publication.