Riga Latvian Society representatives will visit the Balts Unity Day’s activities in Lithuania

From September 21 to 22 the Riga Latvian Society representatives will go to Lithuania in cooperation strengthening and experience change trip. The trip is organised within the project “Stand Hard, Work Bravely”.

The Riga Latvian Society celebrates the Balts Unity Day every year by participating or organising events in cooperation with Latvia’s non-governmental organisations, folklore groups and Lithuanian colleagues. In the Balts Unity Day people remember historically important events on September 22, 1236, when Baltic people together defeated Order of the Brothers of the Sword during the Battle of Sun.

This year on September 21 the Balts Unity Day will be celebrated in the neighboring country’s town Điauliai during town’s celebration “Days of Điauliai 777”, where the Riga Latvian Society and its Folklore Commission have been invited to participate. The representatives will participate in the Balts Unity Day’s opening ceremony at the monument of P.Viđinskis and will visit the international forum “The Baltic Unity: Perspectives of Communication”. In its turn from 13.00 to 15.00 the RLS Folklore Commission will entertain the celebration’s participants and guests with interesting programme. In two hours time every interest will have opportunity to participate in interactive game-performance “Lielvarde’s Belt”, during which all the participants will get to know, make, learn and dance ancient and symbolic belt’s ornaments and their meaning. The interactive game will be led by choreographer Ernests Spîčs and artist Sandra Sabîne Jaundâldere, kokle players Rozîte Katrîna Spîča and Ansis Jansons will introduce with the Latvian traditional music instrument kokle and group „Dârdi” (Rumble) will teach Latvian, Lithuanian and Latgalian traditional dances.

During the real Balts Unity Day – on Sunday – September 22 the Riga Latvian Society people will visit town Joniđkis where will meet Joniđkis Latvian Society’s “Avots” (Spring) and Akmene Latvian Society’s members to discuss the activities, current events and future cooperation of the organisations.



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