„Imants Ziedonis. Searching of belonging, freedom training”

On Thursday, May 28, at 18.00 - 21.00 in the Riga Latvian Society House White Hall all the interesents are welcome to the 2nd academic readings “Ziedonis’ Days 2014”, devoted to the opening of the scientific articles’ collection 

 „Imants Ziedonis. Searching of belonging, freedom training”

On the basis of the academic readings are the reports from the international scientific conference devoted to the poet’s 80th birthday „Imants Ziedonis. Searching of belonging, freedom training” that took place on May 2013.  In the publishing are included 34 scientific writings about Imants Ziedonis and his literary heritage, as well as round table discussion “Table is a guard-place…” and photos by Gunârs Janaitis (total amount - 518 pages).
The project manager,  compiler of the collection „Imants Ziedonis. Searching of belonging, freedom training” and scientific editor is the University of Latvia professor Ausma Cimdiòa.  The collection has published publishing house “Zinâtne”, it has been supported by Riga City Council and State Culture capital Foundation.
Opening speeches. Minister of Education and Science Ina Druviete, Minister of Culture Dace Melbarde, Riga City Vice Chairman Andris Ameriks, University of Latvia rector Mârcis Auziòð, RLS chairman Guntis Gailîtis
Academic readings. Ausma Cimdiòa “Imants Ziedonis. One drop of Rainis”, Silvija Radzobe „ Ziedonis and theatre”, Ilze Rûmniece „Ziedonis in classical dimension”, Uìis Sprûdþs „Ziedonis’ voice in America”, Nora Ikstena „Indefinite Ziedonis”, Vita Zelèe „Parting from Imants Ziedonis as a media event”
Visually musical performance. Gunârs Janaitis, Raimonds Tiguls, „ Latvia 0n honor guard.  Riga Cathedral in photos. March 6, 2013”
Conversations and testimonial, open microphone. Meeting with writings’ collection’s „Imants Ziedonis. Searching of belonging, freedom training” authors and compilers, publishing house “Zinâtne” book store
The writings’ collection continues the established Latvian basic texts research series in the framework of State researches programme’s „National identity” project „Identity esthetics” that was started in 2001 by publishing writings’ collection „Lâèplçsis’ way in the world. Latvian epos and European eposes’ tradition”, and up to now five editions more have been published in the Latvian basic texts’ research series, without already mentioned editions: „Piebalga text. Brothers’ Kaudzîtes novel „Mçrnieku laiki”” (2011), „Riga text. Augusts Deglavs’ novel „Riga”” (2013), „Life’s song in red. Ojârs Vâcietis and his time” (2013).
First academic readings devoted to Imants Ziedonis „ Ziedonis’ days 2008” took place at the University of Latvia, celebrating his 75th birthday and the poet himself was there. The event „Ziedonis’ days 2008” has been documented and seen in the Latvian University home page photo archive.
Electronic programme of academic reading “Ziedonis’ days 2014” devoted to the publishing of the writings’ collection „Imants Ziedonis. Searching of belonging, freedom training”: www.lu.lv/ziedonis


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